Balrog [from Cave Story] Icon

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Balrog icons, Cave Story icons
Yet another fan-made icon by me, this time for Cave Story game :)
Icon comes in 3 colors, package contains *.ico files and *.png 700x500 resolution images.

Click HERE to download. ( reuploaded , works now)



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Huzzah! Veery niiice!

the link is dead

Thanks for telling me!
Going to reupload them tomorrow.

Huzzah I am still waiting ^_^

Very sorry, I was working so i totally forgot :(

There, I updated the link so this one should do :)


Huzzah thanks alot

Just the ico files do not work in my windows xp :O

Weird, I'll find alternative, sorry noone told me there is a problem before.

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